Fourth World Radyo: Fighting Fascism – Human Justice Struggles From Kansas to Occupied Palestine (05.23.2014)

by aboriginalpress

Summary:  Intelligent Aboriginal Radyo
is back (after recovering from the loss of a hard drive) with another
critical Indigenist look at the progression of far-right/neo-Fascist
movements around the world (France, Spain, Italy, Ukraine, Thailand,
Norway and now India) and what this means for those politically
conscious of the dilemma on the Left versus those who are politically
asleep on the fence.

TheAngryindian speaks with the executive producer of Radio Free Kansas
( Mike Caddell in the US about
conservative Republican Party attempts to eliminate abortion rights and
how limiting ‘rights to choice’ creates economic depression and sustains
vicious cycles of generational poverty (and profits). Following that,
Israeli journalist David Sheen ( returns to speak
candidly about the queerly bizarre propaganda conundrum that has (either
by accident or by design) developed within mainstream media in regards
to the State of Israel and its routine violations of Indigenous Arab and
African human rights in Occupied Palestine. Discussion centres around
how Israel’s negative activities as a nation feed into the paranoid
conspiracy theories of authentic Judeophobes and narrow-minded cultural
nationalists who make use of Israel’s xenophobic behaviour and policies
as a smokescreen to pursue their own racialist agendas. Often against
the very same victims.


Listen/Download: 01:57:18 — 128Kbps mp3 – (81MB) Stereo