Fourth World Radyo: The Dark Ghetto of US-UK Colonialist Propaganda and Hypocrisy

by aboriginalpress

Summary: 4th World Radyo returns after an unexpected hiatus to discuss the propaganda and glaring hypocrisy surrounding the European USUKEU-NATO opposition to Russian political and military reactionism over the western-backed, petroleum-driven — neo-fascist fought — capitalist coup that recently occurred in Ukraine and The Crimea. TheAngryindian also speaks up briefly against right-wing Internet Trolls and how fascism has gone mainstream. Also: the genocidal issue of Missing Indigenous Women in Occupied Canada is raised and a special international news report on the United Nations and their view of how depressed the situation is for First Nations Peoples and investigative journalists in North America.

Listen / Download: 01:09:00 128Kbps mp3 — (44MB) Stereo

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