Fourth World Radyo: Remembering Mandela in an Age of Neoliberal Imperialism and Colonial Violence

by aboriginalpress

English: A USSR stamp, 70th Birth Anniversary ...

English: A USSR stamp, 70th Birth Anniversary of Nelson Mandela. Date of issue: 18th July 1988. Designer: B. Ilyukhin. Michel catalogue number: 5853. 10 K. multicoloured. Portrait of Nelson Mandela (fighter for freedom of Africa). Русский: Марка СССР Н. Мандела (1988, ЦФА №5971). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Summary:  TheAngryindian reflects upon the revolutionary political legacy that is the late Brother Nelson Mandela and the despicable, neo-colonialist effort to ‘whitewash’ his anti-imperialist, anti-colonialist, anti-racist struggle for human and social justice. The second half of this dispatch is an open discourse with US journalist Adam Hudson [ / @adamhudson5] who offers his personal analysis on the political ramifications of a post-Mandela, African politic, the neoliberal, revisionist newspeak of the rhetorical ‘War on Terror’ and the historical example of the African National Congress ANC and its socialist-led fight to end Apartheid in South Africa.


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