Fourth World Radyo: Revisionism and Resistance 08.16.2013

by aboriginalpress

Summary:  TheAngryindian presents his opinions and perspectives on the current state of anti-Black, pro-assimilationist Negro produced coonery flooding the international media paradigm. The ‘Harriet Tubman Sex Tape’ scandal is just one of many recent very public faux pas that can be directly attributed to the usually moneyed Afro-American elite. Plus: a special interview with Mike Caddell, executive producer of ‘Radio Free Kansas’. Mr. Caddell is a retired private investigator and former newspaper publisher and discusses his years as a security professional working for several medical centres in Kansas operating under the duress of right-wing, evangelical Christian conservative, anti-abortion violence. This interview includes his observations of the Christian Dominionist movement, the subject of vulture capitalism in the pro-choice struggle and the rise of far-right political influence in national politics.

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