International Questions About Universal Concepts of Human Rights

by aboriginalpress

Fourth World Radyo: Democratic Fascism in Occupied Palestine (01.24.2013)

Journalist David Sheen joins 4th World Radyo to discuss the recent elections in the State of Israel/Occupied Palestine and what this means to Indigenous Arab Palestinians, African immigrants and to the ever-changing politics of the region. David Sheen is a reporter and content editor at Originally from Toronto, Canada, Sheen has blogged online since he first moved to Israel in 1999. He has authored award-winning blogs on ecological sustainability and social justice. Sheen also directed the short film The Red Pill and the feature film First Earth, and was a featured speaker at TEDxJohannesburg in 2010. Please visit:
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Fourth World Radyo: African Justice or Judas (01.22.2013)

TheAngryindian thinks outloud about the injustice of social classes and African invisibility and Rep. Of Ireland human rights activist Darcy Delaprosser speaks with an activist working to help free a possibly innocent man on death row.

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Fourth World Radyo: The Afro-American and the Current State of Europocentric Chaos (FWR-01.22.2013)

On the eve of Gun Appreciation Day, APNSPR host TheAngryindian sits in with Minister Maurice Muhammad to discuss the issue of gun control and how it relates to the African community in the US. During the taping of this programme, pro-gun advocates were invited to engage in dialogue with Min. Muhammad (via social media) about the propaganda methods used by the NRA (National Rifle Association) to fight back against the the new proposals. No one responded to our messages during the show.

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Fourth World Radyo: The American Fetish and Other Master Race Theories

First dispatch for 2013. A frank discussion about the Christian European male fascination in the US with firearms, violence-prone popular media and the apprehension concerning the changing demographics of the ‘New World Order’ under a Black head-of-state. Special: Bob Kincaid of Head on Radio clarifies the utterances of the NRA and points out just how ridiculous the gun lobby really is.

Fourth World Radyo: Genocide in The Gaza: Myth or Reality? (FWR-11.28.2012)

Observations and opinions from TheAngryindian about the colonialist situation that s Occupied Palestine and a special editorial dispatch from APNS UK bureau chief Selin K. On the Revisionist Zionist spectacle of ‘Operation Pillar of Cloud’…

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