Fourth World Radyo Interviews: (2012) International Grassroots Human Rights Activists

by aboriginalpress

Fourth World Radyo: Insight Malaysia (FWR-2012/5/21)
Dispatch:(Recorded On – FWR-2012/5/20) – Lessons For Original Peoples Recorded: Indian Country, Occupied North America Subscribe: RSS/XML: ElectronicMail – ‘aboriginalradio AT lavabit’ [*Drop us a line if you rebroadcast this Internet Radio Broadcast (IRB). We like to network…] — Your feedback as listeners is extremely important. Please feel free to forward us your suggestions as to how the Aboriginal & African communities can intelligently respond to our respective issues. Your suggestions and audio responses will be raised on future episodes. —
Fourth World Radyo: Witnessing AfriKristallnacht (FWR-01.25.2012)
Discussion concerning the recent spate of anti-African attacks taking place in the State of Israel with journalist David Sheen.
Fourth World Radyo: A Question of Native Identity (FWR-01.26.2012)
Sunday, May 27, 2012 2:06 AMA freewheeling discussion between APNSPR host TheAngryindian and Lekwungen/ Wsanec homelands resident Prof. Jeff Corntassel (Cherokee Nation) about the mainstream and First Nations media attention given towards the Native identity scandal surrounding US politician Elizabeth Warren while more pressing issues facing American Aboriginals are not being addressed.
Fourth World Radyo: Gender Bias and National Status (FWR-06.14.2012)
This dispatch features a discussion between APNSPR host TheAngryindian and Peruvian-American blogger and activist Carlos in DC who reports on Indigenous Peoples, LGBT issues and the politics of immigration and colonialism in the Americas.
Fourth World Radyo: Crime And Punishment (FWR-04.01.2012)
Interview with human justice activist Ms. Darcy Delaproser : Editor – —  4454-1-4th_World_Radyo_-_Crime_And_Punishment.mp3 (MPEG Layer 3 Audio File, 51.0 MB)
Fourth World Radyo: TheAngryindian In Conversation With Bob Kincaid of Head On Radio (FWR-07.31.2012)
TheAngryindian sits with talk-radio host Bob Kincaid of the H.O.R.N. [] to discuss the environmental and human rights crisis that is Appalachia due to the US coal industry’s insistence that employing mountaintop removal methods is necessary for the good of American capitalism.Media files 4454-1-TheAngryindian_In_Conversation_With_Bob_Kincaid_of_Head_On_Radio.mp3 (MPEG Layer 3 Audio File, 111 MB)