Fourth World Radyo: Soul of Female (FWR-03.18.2012)

by aboriginalpress

TheAngryindian speaks with US poet Liz Mariani about the souls of women within the public and private spheres of modern political consciousness. — Performances:Road Less Traveled Theater (2009), Starlight Studio (2009), Urban Legacy Performance (2009), Colored Musicians Club (2008), Rooftop Poetry Club (2008), Rust Belt Books (2008), Saberfrog- Film (2008), Spoken Word Sundays (2008), Tru Teas (2008), Buffalo Small Press Book Fair (2007), Hardware Cafe (2007), International Dub Poetry Festival (2007), Lizzard Ball 2007 (2007), The Way Up -Podcast (2007), University at Buffalo, SUNY (2007), Spirit Morph Studio (2006), Hamilton Public Library (2005) —
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